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Text Your Ex Back By Michael Fiore – Does It Really Work?

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If you tired from all the useless reviews on the Text Your Ex Back by Michael Fiore and want to discover the real truth about the Text Your Ex Back guide this page is for you.

Text Your Ex Back by Michael Fiore is a very popular guide, which claims to help you getting your ex back into your life … for good!

However, what exactly is the Text Your Ex Back system? Does this relationship repair program actually work? And is this system really for you?

Well, in the next few minutes I am going to share with you my own experience with the relationship system and give you the straight facts about Text Your Ex Back without the marketing hype and the bias views that you found in many websites online so that you can make an informed and intelligent decision.

One thing that I must say from the beginning:
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Now, let's find out what exactly is Michael Fiore's Yeast infection system and if his relationship program is really for you or not.

What Exactly Is Text Your Ex Back?

Text Your Ex Back is a self-help guide designed to help couples get back together after a breakup using text messaging or any type of phone messaging. Authored by dating and relationship expert Michael Fiore, Text Your Ex Back is delivered as an online application that is accessed in phases from the official website.

While the title of the eBook suggests that it is all about texting, in reality it is a comprehensive guide that deals with a lot of relationship issues, detailing the exact steps you need to take in order to succeed in getting your ex back for good, even today!

However, is it really true? Does the Text Your Ex Back system really work?
To answer this question and to find out if the ex-back guide is really for you let's take a look at the basics of the Text Your Ex Back book and see what are pros and cons of this program.

The Basics of Text Your Ex Back

Were you previously in a relationship, but things went south? Why do you think the relationship ended? Sure, you probably did some things to turn off your partner and they probably did some things to turn you off as well. The thing is most relationships end because one or both people have a hard time communicating with each. Do you want to get your ex back? Well the first thing you have to do is focus on improving your communication skills.

These days there's really no reason to not get across any and all feelings or concerns you need to. But people seem to be so closed off to each other that it causes problems. For example, some girls will have a problem with their boyfriend and instead of talking to him they'll bad mouth the guy to their girlfriends behind the guys back. Guys will have a problem with their girlfriend and instead of talking to her about it they'll simply shut down or start cheating with another girl. This isn't the way to go.

You can get your ex back now and for good if you start communicating better. The perfect way to do this is by means of text messages. Now this might seem like it doesn't make sense, but understand just how powerful text messaging is. It really deals with a lot of the issues people have as far as face to face communication goes. Let's talk about a few of the reasons why text messages are a perfect form of communication as far as getting your ex back. 

People in relationships usually have a hard time speaking to each other by phone

Phones used to be the only option for people to communicate with each other, but these days a lot of people don't use their phone as a phone. They use it for almost everything else but a phone. One or both spouses just might not be good at speaking with each other through the phone because of several reasons. Here are some examples.

  • They aren't good at making small talk or they just aren't too good socially. So speaking on the phone is tough because a person can't communicate their feelings.
  • Some people might get nervous when having an actual phone conversation because they are afraid of how the other person is going to act emotionally.
  • There's a chance that the other person might not be willing to speak with you over the phone at times or it might be too hard to get in touch with them this way.

Text messaging solves all of these problems and its one of the best ways to get your ex back. When you use text messages you're able to do so much more that you might not have been able to do over the phone or in person.

  • You'll be able to communicate all of your feelings without the fear of an immediate reaction from the other person.
  • You can be sure that all your messages are going to be received no matter how busy the other person is.
  • You can get a real dialogue going with your ex in order to discuss what went wrong and what you can do in order to fix things.

Text messaging is the perfect way to get your ex back because it gives you a chance to be far more personal then what you might feel comfortable with being in person. Even if the other person is resistant to you at first, they'll come around as long as you aren't too pushy with this form of communication. Here's a short method you can follow using text messages to get your ex back.

  • Start off small. If something happened to cause a breakup then you don't want to be too pushy too fast. The other person might not want to talk to you at first so give them some space first before sending a small text that requires only a close ended response.
  • Don't bring up negative things just yet via text. In fact the goal should be to get the other person to bring those things up so you can offer solutions. Bringing them up might make it seem like you want a text fight or that you're blaming them.
  • Use text messages to open the lines of communication in order to get past any bad feelings your ex-partner has with you. Slow use this form of communication to convince them to meet up with your for a small harmless social outing.
Getting your ex back permanently isn't guaranteed by using text messages as your main weapon, but it is a solid approach. Communication or lack of it is one of the main reasons why people break up. Text messages, when used carefully can resolve these issues and prove a good medium to solve difficult problems in relationships.

I can't go too deep and reveal too many information about The Text Your Ex Back guide because it is copyrighted, however in brief here are the modules of the program and the main things that you will find inside this guide:

Module 1- The Introduction
This is the part of the Text Your Ex Back system where you're going to be welcomed to the course. It's going to go over everything you're going to learn and tell you exactly what you can expect by the end. This is a chance for you to really get comfortable with what's to come down the road.

Module 2- The Dumper and the Dumped
Why did your relationship come to an end? What were some of the things that lead to it? That's what this part of the course is designed to help you understand. Only by understanding this can you really put together the right course of action to get your ex back. This is what this part of the course focuses on.

Module 3- Understanding what the main goal is
What do you want to get out of using this course? Is your goal to actually get your ex back or do you want something else. Understanding what the main goal is you have in mind is going to be key to you following the rest of the course effectively. If you want the wrong thing then this course won't work as well for you.

Module 4- Improving yourself
There's a strong chance that your relationship ended because you weren't up to par in some area. In order for you to get your ex back you need to fix whatever issues that lead to the breakup. This part of the course is designed to help you improve yourself before you get back in the game.

Module 5- Using Text Judo
Your ex might be mad at you after a breakup, but this doesn't have to be a bad thing. Text Judo teaches you how to use your ex's emotions whether they be good or bad to illicit a desired response. Think of it the same way as you would Judo. You're going to be using your ex's strengths against them in different ways.

Module 6- Across the Bow
This is one of the main parts of the course. The goal of this part is to help you to come up with the best plan of attack in order to establish communication with your spouse. There’s a detailed Pdf that will help you go over everything. Establishing contact is very important to the success of the course so it must be focused on heavily.

Module 7- Prepping the Soil
In order for you to get back with your ex by means of text messages you must connect with them on an emotional level first. This part of the course shows you powerful techniques used in order to get past the defense mechanisms your ex will have in place. This makes it easier for you to move forward.

Module 8- Using Jealousy
This module is about using jealousy in a powerful way. Jealousy is a very powerful emotion and it's actually the cause of a lot of breakups. In this part of the Text Your Ex Back system you're going to learn 3 important rules that will enable you to use jealousy as a powerful tool and motivator.

Module 9- Planting the Seeds
This part of the system is going to help you use what are called intimacy booster texts. The focus is to use these types of texts in order to build off of what you've already done in the previous models. There are two main types of intimacy boosters, Every day and Extra-Strength ones. You'll learn about both and more.

Module 10- Reaping the Harvest and Module 11 - Texting Steady
This is the last part of the system and it's made up of three main parts. There's Reaping the Harvest, Watering the Tree and Virtual to Physical. Each part is going to focus on helping you to build attraction and the first pdf file has parts designed to be gender specific.

Now let's talk about the pros and cons of Michael Fiore's Text Your Ex Back system:

Text Your Ex Back – The Pros That I've Found

Not simple text messages, but a complete relationship repair program
If you think the Text Your Ex Back program is going to provide you with only a cookie cutter solution, then think again. Your relationship needs much more than this so that if you do get your ex back your bond can be stronger than ever before. That's what this program helps to provide.

Designed to get your ex to pay attention to you again
When you first breakup with someone there's going to be a need for a cooling off period. The problem is you can't give it too much time. Getting attention from your ex is a must in order to make this entire program work, and that's what you get tips on. Once you have the attention of your ex you'll be able to go from there.

The course is presented in a very straightforward and strategic fashion
The course is not complex at all. In fact you can tell that the maker invested a lot of time in order to make sure everything is well organized and easy to execute. You'll have no problem following along and if you have to go back to look at a certain part it’s pretty easy to do without getting lost.

Program works well for both genders
There isn't any one gender that the Text Your Ex Back program is designed to work better for. It's designed so that both sexes can use it with effectiveness. The only thing is that there are some parts geared more towards one gender than the other, but there's specific reasons for this. All of this is explained in the course.

Program can work for different platforms that involve written messages
You don't have to limit yourself to just text messages. Maybe you want to write something more complete. You can use the Text Your Ex program to communicate with your ex by means of any platform where there's writing involved. This would include email and social media.

There are mp3 audio files that are full versions of the pdf files for easy listening
Don't want to read pdf files, because you just don't want to absorb the information in this fashion? Well you're in luck, because this course provides mp3 audio files for every pdf file in the course. This means you'll be able to take it on the go with you wherever you need it.

Private members areas where you can view comments, speak with other members and ask questions
The private members area is where you'll get a chance to get even more value. Any question you have or any concern you have can be addressed here. More importantly though is you get the chance to interact with other members.

Program designed by a well-known relationship expert, Michael Fiore
It would be one thing if you were getting a program that was made by someone who didn't know what they were talking about. That's not the case here. Michael Fiore is a relationship expert that knows his stuff. He's helped countless people to get their relationships back together.

No ongoing expenses associated with the program and the upfront fee is low
There are no additional fees you have to pay in order to keep using this program. That's the good thing about it. Your one time investment is truly a one-time investment that hopefully will pay dividends in the form of you getting back with your ex and having a better overall relationship because of this program.

There's a no questions asked 60 day no money back guarantee
The money back guarantee is a show of faith by the creator. It shoes that he backs up what he claiming and truly wants people to get the results they want from it. This takes away the bulk of the risk and gives you a chance to put everything into motion to see if it works for you.

There are several bonuses included as a way to show appreciation for buying the course
The extra bonuses included are just a way for you to get even further insight from the creator. Don't get the wrong idea, these bonuses are truly valuable and some would argue they are worth the cost of the Text Your Ex Back program alone. You'll appreciate these bonuses.

What do I think about the Text Your Ex Back course?

One thing I really liked was how well put together the course is. You get all sorts of interviews on Mp3, an introductory video, PDF files and other important information. Right away I knew that I was going to get a lot out of this system. Anyone who is really in a bad way after breaking up with their spouse is going to appreciate the delicate approach this systems takes. Following the program is easy and while results can't be guaranteed if the system is followed the right way the chances of success are high.

This course is effective in my opinion because of how well the modules are put together. Each one builds on the one before it and it assumed that you've put in the work in order to reach a certain point. So if you skip over any information it becomes easy to get lose or confused really quick.

I have to be honest and say that at first I wasn't really happy with how the course was going to be delivered. You get a module every second day. There are going to be times when you want the material sooner or just want to get it all at once. I believe this is done in order to make sure you stay on course and give the material an honest try.

With this approach you also get the chance to properly absorb all the material and ask any questions you need to before moving on. This is going to ensure you're getting the main message of each module so that you have the highest chance of success.

What are the main things I like in Text Your Ex Back course?

The main thing I believe people are going to benefit from with this course is how much effort the author put into the structure. It's so easy to follow along with. As long as you follow the structure there's no reason why you can't have a strong chance of success with it.

I like that the cost isn't too high. People who are in bad emotional states tend to be easy to manipulate. So charging a high cost for this course would seem likely right? Well the author only charges little under $50 bucks for this course and it's a one-time payment. You get a wealth of information plus some pretty good bonuses.

The whole course is on Mp3 files. So if you don't want to read Pdf files you don't have to. You can take this course with you wherever you go and soak in the information.

The Text Your Ex Back – The Bottom Line

The system itself is good, but I feel the real value here is in the course itself and all the information it provides. You'll get exact steps on what you need to do in order to get results. This means you're going to be getting a whole lot more than simply text messages to send to your ex.

Thanks to Michael Fiore and his Text Your Ex Back guide it is now possible for you to get your ex back, starting from today!

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I Hope that you found this review on The Text Your Ex Back helpful for you and I look forward to hearing about your success stories. Also, if you have any question about Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back program, feel free to post a comment and I will try to help as much as I can. I wish you the best!
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